Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Its been a long time

havent blogged in a while so here i go
i'm feeling helpless about the most common thing
grrrrr i wanna kick it in the ass hole
well okay i'm not in a relationship but still
i'm helpless in the way
that i can't stop thinking about this one guy
notttt gonna give a lot away
i can't stop wondering and seeing what could happen
in the past i've given up on pursuing it
but this time i don't give a damn
i'm gonna stick to it till the end
but like i know its totally different with him ><"
which kills me more
i wanna be with him
but he always wants to be with someone else
He's a guy
he's sweet but can be inconsiderate
he listens but interupts
he's funny but mean
he's nice but rude
he's wise but immature
he's kind but a jerk
he's smart but stupid
i like him but can hate him
he's perfect and so i wanna be with him
in my eyes he is the most perfect guy
because he is everything a guy should be
he is the postive and negative
but he's not mine ><"