Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Okay, i want to be with him
so what, well theres so much to say
its hard to sum up this guy
he is everything
the good and the bad
OH GOD !!!
i just want to spend time with him right now
he makes me so damn happy
like no other guy can
my guy bestfriend and the one i want to love ><"
why the f*** did my heart choose him
with millions of others in the world
grrrrr my blogs start to not make sense.
i want to live in a dream
where everything works out
or at least i think it will
well i'm damn tired
and i know he's not around to read this
damn him
well off i go
good night my lovely viewers
if you're out there :)
thanks to everyone for support :)
comment and leave a name or initials
<3 you guys