Sunday, January 24, 2010

Today was the day

The day of what ???
NOTHING i guess hahaha
well i spent the day with the family today
it was alright
but the funny thing was that i couldn't stop mentioning him
it was like everything that had ever happened in my life involved him
it was like i was finding a reason just to talk about him
OH GOD i'm way in over my head here
as we drove down the route that me and him walk
i just remember the fun we have
i can't wait to do it again
oh how i like him so
i wish he thinks about me
maybe not the way that i do
but at least in some way
he makes me feel like me
like no-one else can
except N.A & A.P (the girl)
i so can't remember my codes now ><"
i can't wait till school starts again
i can see everyone everyday again
Except N.A
i miss her sometimes
i hope you're reading this :(
i still wish we went to the same school
i'm tired
so i'm gonna sleep
good night readers :)
oh how i LOVE you guys
whereever you are