Monday, January 25, 2010


Today was such a busy day
i like had so much to do
and like i am soooo tired
but before i go to bed i wanted to write to you guys
well today
was a good day
for once in a long time
i wasn't sad about him
well thats good enough for me
i did think about him
but because of all the stuff i did today
i barely
i'm feeling good
well tired but that doesn't matter
if i could right now i would say good night to him
well Good Night honey bun
i miss you terribly
and i wish i could see you right now
even if it's almost 4am
oh how i miss you
i hope to see you soon
love always me
idk if i love him yet
but i know i like him
and hope someday maybe he'll feel the same
well that all for now
i LOVE you guys
GOOD NIGHT or Morning as it is 4am