Friday, January 29, 2010


YAY it was great
i loved it
especially at the end ;)
i went to the shops with him
it was fun
oh how i love spending time with him
sorry i haven't been writing for a while
been a bit busy
but anyways
school was good
i love being back at school
Anyways funny stuff happenned
well at first i couldn't find him
then i found out he came late LOL
then i didn't talk to him until like lunch cause N.A wanted to meet up
so i invited him to come with me to see her
she ended up bailing but more about that later
well there we were at lunch talking
i totally didn't even realise the bell rang LOL
yeah we were talking and like i asked where my b-day was
he full said it was a surprise and i would get it on monday
now i am full excited ><"
well it was after school
and like me and him said we'd catch bus
but i couldn't find him
and then the bus got full so i full walked
and it was soooo hot ><"
anyways i called my friend asking where thingy was
and he said that he was with him
(lol confusing)
i ended up catching up to them and like grrrr it was the worst
i full hit him LOL
in a friendly way of course
well then i got a message from N.A that said she couldn't make it
so it was just me, my friend, his girlfriend and HIM
well it was fun
felt like a double date LOL
i ended up dragging him everywhere i wanted to go
while the love birds were somewhere else
i asked him for his watch
and he gave it to me
and i wasn't gonna give it back until he got off the bus to go home
he felt sad i had his watch so i gave him my jumper
casue like my jumper was like a "security blanket" as my friend would say
so it seemed fair
me and my friends gf, went to the bathroom and like
we talked and stuff
and then she brought up him
and asked me what happenning
and i was like nothing, we're just friends
and she was like "for now"
she said that we are still getting used to each other's company
and that eventually we'll like each other
and be together
which made me smile in my mind
but i didn't want to put my hopes up LOL
i didn't want to get hurt again
my friends gf ended up catching train home and so it was the three of us
he was talking to a friend of his so me and my friend started talking
as he got off the bus i gave him is watch and got my jumper back
and that was it
it was funn in a crazy way