Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Not this time

This year isn't gonna be the year that my heart breaks completely
i won't let it
but as far as i know
it seems it already has.


Are you mad at me?
Are you mad at me?
Are you mad at me?
Are you mad at me?
Are you mad at me?

Why won't he answer?

i fking love you

but guys don't get excited
today made me feel like shit
and i stopped wearing that ring
like it meant something anyways

it happened like this
his bestfriend said that he would try and get clues out of him
before i tell him how i feel
so like today his best goes up @ the end of recess and tells me
"Don't get sad"
straight away i know what he was gonna say but i was too upset to hear it
so i just walked away and left it at that
the rest of the day was pretty shitty
he wouldn't even look at me
and when he did
he looked away

i got so mad i just took off the ring
i wanna chuck it at him
but its so cute
well then after school i ask his best
what he said to him and he said he asked how he felt towards me
which is soooooo straight forward ><"
the reason why my bestfriend/ him
won't talk to me

well i'ma talk to him tomorrow
get my heart broken more
but its gonna happen
i'll make it

i still like him
i still wanna be with him
i might even love him