Thursday, February 18, 2010

i fucking love him

Yep Thats right i'm admitting it now
i love him
he is my life, and bestfriend

Today i got to hang out with him
but lets get some background
i was talking to M.C last night
we were web caming and like i told her how i wanted to give him a kiss on the cheek
but like i was really scared
she told me to do it tomorrow
which was today
but more about the result of that later
well i hung out with him today
it was just me and him
its been soo long since we last hung out just us
it was fun
we first walked up to the shop which gave us time to talk
random stuff of course
like bestfriends do
once in the shops
we walked around some more
i asked him how he liked my blog
he said it was good
like for a book
i was flattered
we talked
had fun
then we walked to the bus bay
this is where i hung with him and his friends
which was cool :)
then we got on the bus and BOOM!!!!
it was all about B.R grrrrrrr
he just kept talking to her
sometimes saying something to me
but hardly paying attention to me
they talked and talked until he got off
but for he did i wanted to kiss him on the cheek
but she was there
and sooooo many people were looking
so i let it go
just said bye and smiled
is it possible to be whipped over someone you don't have ?
i had a good enough day
no tears
well i had tears a couple of nights ago
not sure if i told you
anywhos yeah!!!!!
well ima go now
before i go though
i webcamed this photo
fuck, i love him

Oh how i love this guy
i hope to spend more time with him
he makes me happy
i love you bestfriend