Friday, February 26, 2010

Y-day & Today

Anyways, i just realised i didn’t write anything yesterday.Well it all started when i went to school. he was wearing mufti, funny cause we had mufti today, not y-day

i found out that he had an excursion. i gave him and A.P a hug in the morning. but i could feel that he felt uncomfortable but i let it slide. Same thing happened when i hugged him after tutor before he went to the excursion, to say goodbye i was fine that day. i just missed him a lot which kinda sucks sometimes.

that was all from yesterday.

TODAY was another story. i didn’t see him in the morning

i didn’t see him at recess

i assumed that he was absent.

Heard he wasn’t, making me sad

i thought he was avoiding me ><”

then at lunch i  hung out with A.P trying not to cry

he finally came out to talk to me

but only when A.P is around.

He started talking about sex again  ><”

which i know, its just him

but now i’m uncomfortable about it

cause of my belief of no sex till marriage.

A.P got mad, trying to tell him off

and like then the bell rang.

well i asked A.P to walk me to english

and we just talked

i started telling him how i felt guilty about the other day

and how i feel he is ignoring me in a way

i then started to cry

i was soo hurt that i felt i had lost everything.

well then after that i just didn’t do any work.

after school i said good bye to him like not hard out

but a little.

then i hung out with N.A

then when i was on the bus to go home, A.S points out him sitting with M.Z on the bus

i didn’t even know he went on

anyways, i don’t know if he saw me or not

but he didn’t say a word to me

or even give a wave



maybe i really shouldn’t have taken the risk

i miss him now

but i’m guilty of complicating his life