Monday, March 1, 2010


can't wait to get out of school LOL
today was an okay day
i talked to A.C this morning about my ex
cause of the convos i put up
fucking hell why would he come back in my life like that
with that i was also trying to help
A.P and his gf
and i also tried to help L.A with her bf
dealing with so much shit right now
for lent i gave up all drinks except for water
and like my bestfriend, Him
was suppose to do it with me
but then today i saw him drinking coke GRRRRRRRRR
well i got to slap him
and i did
we are getting better now
well at lunch today i was testing him on Physics
cause he is a nerd like that
and like he full answered them all with such nerdy words LOL
man i love my bestfriend
when there is all this shit in my life
he is the one thing that makes me smile
can't live without him
even if we stay friends forever
as long as he is in my life