Tuesday, March 2, 2010


i seem to have to help with a lot of people’s probs lately


today was fine

i had a good time at school today

still a bit unmotivated to like study

but i will soon


i had a funny dream about J.M last night

the boy BTW

he was all depressed

which is funny cause he is never depressed


it was over an asian chick or something

well anyways

i talked to him today

it was fun

i hugged him

and i was like asking him, A.P (girl) and J.M (girl) questions on chemistry LOL

yeah then i saw him after school and i kinda walked with him to the station

half and half cause he seemed to walk off somewhere with his friends

but i still said bye to him


he’s not a good bestfriend sometimes LOL

but i still love him


A.P’s gf was at the station

grrrrrr i don’t like them fighting

well anyways

that is all

i love you guys