Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Almost 100 posts guys :)

well today was an interesting day
i didn't talk to him till recess
which was alright
and usual
i hugged him
well umms
for this next bit i better give you background
makes it easier to understand
well all of yesterday i was getting told by like everyone in my year
that i came first in general mathematics
and also today people were telling me
then i get into class and i was first still
this guy in my class found a mistake and got like one or two extra marks
and i was only beating him by one mark
and now i'm 2nd ><"
that pissed me off
1. because everyone was telling me i came first
2. because is was someone who i was competing against that beat me
and 3. because i could of got 3 marks if i didn't make stupid mistakes ><"
after the period the whole school had assembly
i saw him
so i ran to him and hugged him
he was like" Whats wrong"
obviously shocked
and i told him how i was upset and everything
then i hugged him again and went to sit down with some of my other friends
i was full gonna cry cause of that
yeah i know
over acting but still
everyone said i was first but i wasn't
it was a lie
then came lunch
i hugged him again telling him how upset i was
and he was telling me how i still did good and stuff
and that it was nothing to worry about.
i eventually stopped i guess
still kills me
like 1 mark difference or something
come on
well then after school i saw him on the bus
but there were no seats near him
and like i had to sit somewhere are the back
well he smiled at me
i smiled back
and he waved bye to me
when he got off the bus which was good
i get jealous of this other girl
him and her have this thing where their like pretend to be together kinda
like a game thing
he is her husband kind of thing or something
yeah well
she can get his attention so easily and i can't
it hurts so much
and i get jealous
not that she likes him cause she doesn't
cause she has a boyfriend
but for the fact that i love him
but he acts like that to other girls
well thats all about today
but i got some other stuff to tell you
i'm thinking of getting off the bus at a different bus stop and walking home
but like not sure yet
maybe when my knee is better
Also i don't know if i wrote anything about this other guy who
wrote stuff on my facebook status
well on my status i wrote "<3 Big Bang Theory, I'ma marry a physicist ;)"
and then his guy who is friends with him said
(his name here) aka him
and i was like nah i mean a real one LOL
and he said that him wants to be one
and i was like i know but he's my friend with a wink
and then he says
why do you like him or he likes you?
and i was like none, we're bestfriends
and thats how it ended
well yeah that bothered me
i then had a talk with my other bestfriend A.P the girl
and told her how much i love him
and she was like nawwwww
and yeah told me not to give up
and i won't
cause i love him lots
<3 anyways
thats it from me for now
talk soon