Tuesday, March 30, 2010


spent the day with the people i love :)
well today i got to school late
so there was no time to talk to anyone
well then i had double english
nothing special there LOL
then it was recess
well i didn't really hug him today
but i spent lots of time with him
i spent half of lunch talking to him
mostly about big bang theory
then about umbrellas
and then about his hair again LOL
then he went and talked to B.R
and i went to sit with my group
it was then pastrol care
and i love my tutor group mainly the year 12s :)
then i had ancient history :)
well wasn't in the mood to talk
idk why but i got upset about him
like yeah
so i started writing song lyrics on a piece of paper
lyrics that related to me
after that it was lunch
i talked to him a bit
and not really
i went around asking for people's individual photos cause we got our photos today LOL
i got one off him
and i was soo happy :)
cherish it forever
well then i told him to walk with me after school
to the station like yesterday
and we did
well after school i met with him at the gate
we started walking and talking about umbrellas again LOL
he was saying how he never uses them cause he is scared he'll forget he is holding it and walk through a door but get stuck
i just kept laughing
it was so stupid
we then talked about my mum and his mum
and yeah
i was telling him how i hated mine
and yeah
then we talked about after school
he is going to uni
and i'm going to college
its both in the city but i'm scared we'll separate
and he was like to me
"but remember you said we won't lose contact"
i was like yeah we won't
but he is so hard to contact i was telling him LOL
i told him what college i'm going to
and my plan to get into uni after a year
i told him to visit me
and told him we need to hang out in the holidays
and stay in contact after school
and he said we will
i hope so
we also talked about his hair again
cause he kept trying to style and play with it
but he couldn't cause it was short LOL
it was so funny
i also told him my plan for next term
i was going to get off at the bus stop where he gets off sometimes
its the near this street i can walk down
well some times he gets off there
other times he goes further up
well anyways
i'm gonna get off that stop
and just walk home i was telling him
so that he doesn't find it random LOL
i showed him the stop before he got off anyways
but back to when we were at the station
i saw my ex from primary school while i was walking with him
i just ignored but of course he also took the same bus as me
well i just sat with him and like ignored my ex
pretending i don't remember him
when we got on the bus, me and him started talking to M.Z & L.M
well it was good :)
we got to his stop and gave me a hi five
then he got off the bus with L.M
and i was left with M.Z
i had some bad history with her
but i found out we both didn't like the same people
and had problems with some as well
i was beginning to enjoy her company
but like yeah
she is still on my bad list from when she got racist to asians
but i don't mind talking to her
well that was my day
i hope tomorrow is a great day too