Thursday, April 1, 2010

Last day of term

well the term is over


well today was an interesting day

kinda i guess

well i came school late again LOL

well not really but whatever

so i didn’t see him this morning obviously

then we had mass at like period 3

and he was reading a prayer or something LOL

so that kinda counts as seeing him hahah

after mass i was saying hi to some people and i see him

i smile and wave

and he smiles and waves back :)

at lunch time i saw him again

i asked him if he could go with me to the shops after school cause M.C wants me to shop with her

and like i don’t like going by myself ><”

but he said he couldn’t cause he had to go see A.P, the guy

i said fine yeah then we talked some more about random stuff

i hugged him a few times

saying i was gonna miss him

and yeah

when i told him i’d miss him he said okay

which made me cut ><”

well anyways

at the end of lunch i hugged him again saying bye and to have a good holiday

and yeah

i told him i’d call him and make plans and stuff LOL

In ancient i wrote a letter to him i didn’t intend to give

and like it just said how i felt and how i’ll miss him

i never gave it

i didn’t want to

then i saw him after school and he smiled at me

and i hugged him again saying bye

i thought that would be it 

i wouldn’t be seeing him for a while

but as i was walking around a shop i saw him

ran up to him and hugged him

his friend, the one i was telling you about who was commenting me on facebook about the physicist thing

well he was there and was like “are you the one who wants to marry a physicist”

i said yes and just gave him an evil look LOL

then my bro came to get me and i said my byes again

i told him bye, gave one last hug  and left

i miss him already :(

i hope i can enjoy these holidays

even without him