Monday, April 5, 2010


i forgot to say
i worked stuff out with my sister
we're all good now
i think our family has hit the point
where we'll all change :)
25 days till we go Queensland
can't wait
what should i bring
i wanna pack already
LOL so early :P

Recall of dreams

They are becoming more clear
and more real now
idk how it is but it is
last night i dreamt about him again
i was clinging to him
and we were walking into the school together
our arms clinged together
then someone starts talking to him
a girl
so he disconnects from me
and walks with her
i walk a lone
and then i am told
apparently we were together
it was only the beginning
but i woke up
there was probably more to the story
like before hand
but like i said before my dreams are more a blurr lately
but i know they are about him
last night it became so real
i felt and said everything i would
it felt real
but it was a dream
i love him more everyday


Through all the emotions of yesterday
i just wanted to pick up the phone and call him
i love him & miss him dearly
i just wanna see his face
and hold him for a while

Starting Fresh

me and my mum are starting new
i'm happy
yesterday was such a renewing day
there was a lot of crying
but in the end things worked out
i love my mum and i NOW know she loves me
just thought i'd let you guys know
its such a LONG story
and i've told it twice so i really couldn't be bothered repeating it
well know i love you guys
i love my family