Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Guys, check out my youtube :)
i would upload the videos here but it would take too long
so check it out
they are covers i sing
and some other random stuff
i'll try and do a lot
some of me alone
and some with friends
but take a look
and comment me :)

Last Night & Today

well i called him last night
to ask him if he was coming today
it was funny
cause his brothers like annoying me
and like them and their neighbour kept trying to bug me
like by yelling in the back ground
or dialling numbers on the phone
so i could hear the beeping noise
it was funny
well i talked to him about coming today
cause i really wanted him to come
and then he told me he'll go
cause he also wanted to beat A.S on smash brothers
to understand this you need to know some back up
i'm not quite sure if i ever wrote about this event so like bare with me
well around a year ago
A.S and him had a battle on smash brothers for fun at my house
it was funny cause he was on a winning streak until he bet $10
the match after he made the bet, he lost
and so he lost his money too
then he wanted to try and win it back
and so he betted $20 and said if he wins he gets his $10 back as well
he ended up losing again
and therefore lost $30 in one day
and now a year later he wanted to have a come back
and so today was his day
more about that later
i told him on the phone not to bet again
cause he always loses
so he told me to take his wallet
and i said i would record the match
if he loses i delete it
if he wins i keep it
upload later maybe in youtube.
well he came over :)
i was so excited to see him
he gave me a hug
i would of hugged him back but i had my guitar with me
it was a fun day
he did end up beating A.S
and i did record it :)
then when A.P the guy and A.I went to get food
it was just me and him
and we just talked
he also laid down at one stage and i sat on top of him
full asking if i was heavy
which he said i wasn't
then he went home
but before that i got to talk and spend some alone time with him as we waited outside
it was a great day
him and A.P the guy also went into my room
i didnt want them to
but they did
and i'm sure he saw on my white board where it says "I Love you, ______ <3"
but he acted as if he didnt
but he knows that i love him
so its not too bad
well i get to see him next week at school
didnt hug him again
which is sad
and i didnt take a photo with him
which is also sad
but oh well
it just wasnt the moment
he is the greatest guy
and it was really cute how as he was leaving, getting in the car and driving away
he just kept waving bye
and smiling at me
it made me smile
<333333 the best day
i love him
<3 it only sucked that we didn't play a lot of games
like board games
i wanted to play :(
oh well
OHHH and also i forgot to mention
that i kept talking about him yesterday with my friends, A.C and M.C
and then M.C said, "when are you guys gonna go out"
and i was like "i really dont think we will"
and she's like "i'm praying for you guys"
and A.C said "mee too"
and i said "aren't we all"
i love him