Wednesday, April 21, 2010

forgot to explain

i'm suppose to explain the picture
i came home from school and went upstairs to say hi to my older sister
cause my mum told me to
and when i put my bag down in my room
on my computer keyboard
was this set of winnie the pooh soft toys
and like it had on top "<3 from...."
they wrote their names but i didnt want to put it up
and so i hugged my sister
cause i love it :)

New thing

well ima try a new thing
most days (hopefully everyday)
i'm gonna put up a picture of me or something
that was exciting or such
about the day :)
i'm joined a new website
so yeah follow me

its where i put up my photos
but i'll post it here too :)
well heres todays photo


hahaha i really couldnt think of a title
well guys today was different to yesterday
well today i spent time with my baby ;)
hahaha well my bestfriend
i saw him in the morning when he just arrived
and i said hello
cause he came late
which in all honesty did not surprise me LOL
i hi fived him hi @ recess
and talked to him for a short time before he moved on to talk to other people
he came up to me once or twice to hang out but that was it
well i told him something
like that i was planning
cant put it up here in case someone reads it
but yeah
and he full got excited about it
more than i was LOL
the funny thing at recess was that i hid his engineering text book
and he thought A.P the guy did it
but then i gave it to him
and told him to say sorry to A.P the guy LOL
i was full like
"i'm gonna be late for class" and full told him to stop making him late
he was full like "i'm sorry LOL"
i just kept laughing
i was kinda late to class hahahah
but oh well
then i saw him at lunch again
well, me, K.C, A.P the girl and J.M the girl
are like a group
and wednesday its usually just me and J.M the girl every wednesday
cause on wednesday K.C goes to uni
and A.P the girl is in this school group thingy LOL
but today i couldnt find J.M the girl
so A.P the guy stayed with me
him came and went alot from me to B.R
but i didnt mind
i care more when he is with C.B
well then funniest thing was my friend L.A is in his chem class
but he kept forgetting her name
which was funny
so i told him to tell me her name or i'll slap him
and her necklace has her name on it
so he was looking at it trying to figure out how to say it
and like it looked like he was looking at something else ;)
so L.A felt awkward LOL
then i got late to class again LOL
cause of him
and then i saw him when i got to the station but walked passed as if i didnt see him
and then he got on the same bus as me
and he gave me a hi five and sat at the back with the guys again
then when i was getting off
he didnt yell my name
until the bus was drving away
and i saw him waving at me so i waved back smiling :)
well i'm sure there was more stuff
but i cant remember
the day went fast
well that is all
oh yeah i talked to L.A today about exs and stuff
it felt good
and like him and A.P the guy kept saying all this random asian stuff
but they are not asian so it was funnier
OHH i just remembered a convo M.C had with him
about how he is bestfriends with A.P the guy
and she was like arent you bestfriends with me
and he was like i'm everyones bestfriend
im the BEST friend LOL
and i just laughed
and was like you're my bestfriend
but idk if your the BEST friend for everyone LOL
OKAY that was def all i have to say
<33 i love him