Thursday, April 22, 2010

Photo of the DAY

2010-04-22 18-03-39.051

My internet is sooooooo SLOW today

and a bit yesterday

And its STRESSING me out ><”

well thats my photo of the day

guys i’m gonna be in Queensland in a week :)



so today was a good day

i didnt see him until the long lunch

cause its thursday

well at the long lunch i didnt really say anything to him

until towards the end

where i sat with him and just talked to him

well we started talking about what i told him y-day

but like i was scared people were listenning

so like i tried to get off topic

the bell rang and i then had to go to class

it was so cute at recess

we were just there

sitting side by side

and my side was practically touching him

it didnt feel wrong

not a little bit

then after that i went to class

i dont really hug him anymore

i miss it

but idk it just never happens

well the next time i saw him was in the afternoon

my community service got cancelled so i just decided to go home

but i really didnt want to

well then i saw him with some of his boys

and like i ran up to him and jumped on his back

and he was like WTF and said he thought i was a guy trying to tackle him

i just laughed

i then walked with him a bit but ended up walking more with L.C who i’m kinda friends with now which is cool

and A.P the guy

us three went to the tafe cause A.P the guy had to get some info

so him and his others boys went to the shop

i guess i should have gone with them

but i got to see my cousin

who goes tafe near my school

it was so funny

i was like texting her

but i thought i heard her voice and turned and she was there

but she didnt see me

so i surprised her :)

after the tafe

the three of us went to the shops

to look for him and the others

we went around the shop to all the places he would go

but he was no where to be seen

so we gave up and like went back to the bus bays

and there he was with the guys LOL

well we all went

and i felt weird with all the guys around me

but i was with him 

so it wasnt too bad

as we waited for our bus

i shared my lollies to the guys

and they told me about some guy who was a creep

and from the stories

they werent kidding

then our bus came

we said bye to A.P the guy cause he went to the gym

and we said bye to L.C who catches a different bus

when we got on the bus i told him to sit next to me

and he told me to sit in the back

the back was full so we just sat like in the middle somewhere

i did sit next to him though

again our legs were touching

but it didnt feel weird

not at all

and the whole trip

we talked about games

with A.C the guy

a new guy for my blog :)

all past A.C was the girl BTW


i then had to get off the bus

so i said bye

and before i started to walk across the road i saw A.C the guy and him wave bye to me :)

that was my day

<3 i love him