Friday, April 23, 2010

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Well it’s Friday

and i’m major bored

so i’m catching up on these websites that come with my calendar :)

What do you do on a Friday?


One More Week Till Queensland

Well i didnt talk to him until recess

but it was more like half way through recess

i was talking to L.A and she was like to me

whats the cans about

cause him and A.P the guy are competing with my sister to see who can get the most cans up on the railing under the roof before the end of the year

i was like to her

Ask Him

and he heard me and turned to me and L.A

he fully yelled hi to L.A saying her name to prove he hasnt forgotten.

he then turned to me and said hi

but instead of saying my name

he said my sisters name

and i full laughed and hit him

which in all honesty hurt ALOT


he then explained to her about the cans and then walked off

cause someone gave him another can to put up

that was the end of recess

i didnt see him again until lunch time


well i was by myself for a bit

and then A.P the guy came and talked to me :)

then Him came to us

we gave each other a hi 5

and then he was like

“i’m the BEST friend”

which was funny cause he was both our bestfriends


then A.P the guy was explaining how his gf thought he was using her for sex

and him was like “you are arent you”

and A.P the guy was like no

and then him was like but she’s hot or something like that

and A.P the guy was like you and your one track mind

and i was like

thats why he’s the best friend

and we all started laughing LOL

idk it was funnier at the time


it prob didnt go like that

but it was similar hahahaha

after that like it was the end

i said my byes

and went to class

then i didnt see him

cause he had to stay back at school

i love him :)


If you’re from Australia, Have a great long weekend :)