Monday, April 26, 2010

Public Holiday

Its been an interesting day

first i wake up and its like freezing cold

then i go downstairs to watch the Justin Bieber concert

on the sunrise morning show

but it was cancelled

early in the morning

because there was too many people attending

and it became very dangerous

with many girls being taken to hospital for fainting and such


well then there was all this news from where the show was filmed

cause people thought he would go there

which wasnt even a plan

so yeah

eventually he did turn up

but in the building

and sang one ONE song - “baby”

and a shot interview

they thought if there was anything more

well the crowd would go too crazy

Justin Bieber loves his fans and wanted to sing for them

and so he got to

even if it was just one

well that was my morning

and basically the only interesting thing

heres my photo of the day

2010-04-26 15-10-50.119

WOW guys
its starting to be cold
Its starting the Autumn season
heading towards Winter, YIKES
Hows the weather where you are ?

well only a few more days till Queensland :)

can’t wait

<333 you all