Wednesday, April 28, 2010


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Big Bang Theory <3

i have the dvd but its

Double episode tonight :):)

@ 9:00 PM on TV

what shows do you guys like watching ??

Spending the day with HIM :)

well as the title says

i spent this after noon with him

but more on that later

well i saw him this morning

i was talking to A.P the girl

and he comes up to me saying how happy he is that he came to school early

cause he usually comes late LOL

well i gave him a hi five then went to tutor.

i didnt talk to him until lunch time after that

and that was only to get him to get someone for me :P

after period  5 i was walking to english

and i saw him

we stopped and talked

asked what each other had now

and then i asked him to walk with me to the station this afternoon

he said yes

and then we said some other random stuff

then i went to class

i was already a bit late LOL

he told me to meet him at the gate

i thought he meant the first gate

so i panicked

then i walked to the second gate

in case he was there

and as i was talking to someone

i saw him

and went to him

he was with 2 of his boys

one being A.C the guy

he’s really nice

but then his boys wanted to catch bus instead

so they told us they would meet us at the station

so we walked

we talked about how he plans to leave home with this other girl in our school

and i told him how me and A.P the girl planned on living together

then he was like we should get houses near each other LOL

i like the idea

then we talked about what has been going on

i told him how tomorrow is my last day cause i’m going Queensland

and he was like oh yeah

i was like are you gonna miss me

and he was like yeah i’m  gonna miss you


i know right

then we kept walking

and he put his arm around me telling me how he is happy i got into Bedford

and i was like i am too :)

i told him how he will make it into the uni he wasnt to go to

cause hes scared he wont

i know he will

we talked about other stuff but like yeah

not very important to share LOL

well he did mention that he is THE BESTfriend again

and like yeah i know

cause he is my bestfriend :)

well then we got to the station

and his boys were already there

he needed to buy a math book

so me and A.C the guy went with him

cause the other boy went home

we got back to the station and started talking all these people the boys knew

i didnt really talk to them

but i did know who they were

he kept introing me to people i already know it was funny

then A.P the guy came to us with his girlfriend

i gave her a hug

and then yeah

C.B came along

i think she was sad so he took care of her


i cant help it

he put his arm around her to comfort her

he hugged her

she like dug her face on his shoulder

he kissed her on the head

and then she left

FUCK that was hard to watch

at the time i was also talking to A.C the guy

Him then introed me to this one guy

who he went primary with

he’s a nice boy

but funny thing was that A.P the girl had a crush on him like last year


but yeah i talked to him

asked him if he knew some people i knew then that was it


We ended up missing like 3 buses LOL

cause on him

me and A.C the guy were just waiting for him


A.C the guy ended up giving us all a ride home :)

so nice

in the car i was talking to him

like about stuff

our legs were touching

and like i was close to him

cause i was in the middle seat

and yeah


i then got out and walked home like everyday

it was a good day

jokes were made

smiles were created

and it was the best :)

i love him