Thursday, May 6, 2010

I'm Back

yeah guys i'm back
sorry i didnt write while i was gone
there was no internet to be found ><"
it was a great trip
and i missed everyone
especially him
i gave everyones presents today
but i just really wanted to know
how he would react
he saw each present
cause there was four presents
the first he saw was the Chinese magazine i got him
a little joke we have
i think i explained that before
the second thing was this rubbery bouncy thingy
its blue
and thats his fav colour
he really liked it
he played with it
the third he was saw
was the keyring
with the letter of his first name on it
and said "if i had keys i would put this on it"
and the final thing
that meant the most to me to give
was the dog tag
that had engraved on it
"......(his name here)
Dearest Bestfriend
From Louise
and he loved it
it put it on
and i told him to wear it everyday
like i do with his ring :)
and he said he would
or else i get to slap him
he hugged me after openning all his presents
and i hugged him back
he told me how he loved what i got him
and i was very glad
we hugged like 3 times more after that
it made my day
after that we just talked
i told him about my trip
and i asked him if he missed me
and he kept saying YES
then we talked about like how A.P the guy was the first to greet me
which was funny
and he full was like i could of
but like he didnt see me LOL
it was cute
then i told him to walk with me after school
and he did
we walked to the station with his friend and M.C
and like we talked again
and then when my bus came
i hugged him bye
and walked off

i got hugged by everyone today
it felt real good to know people care :)
i love them all
i love you all
and i love him more :)