Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother’s Day

2010-05-09 15-18-06.123

It's Mothers Day :) i love my Mummy very much

Happy Mothers Day to mothers around the world <3

Thank you to my new follower


Did anyone do anything special for their mum?


P.S guys i had such a weird dream about him

he was inlove with someone else

and we were all telling him to go for it

and then he went to ask the chick to marry him

at this stage/time i was with someone else

and like we met all the time and stuff

but deep in me i still loved HIM

and then he came back

and i asked him what happened

and it seemed as though we were holding each other

like we were together

but we werent

and in the end of it

he never told me what happened with that girl

this is the basic details

i cant remember it all

its mostly a blur