Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Retreat & School AGAIN

Yesterday was the year 12 retreat

there was 3 venues

and him and all my friends went to a different one than me

well i didnt see him

it made me sad

but oh wells

i got my letter back yesterday

it showed how far i have come from last year

i’m not so depressed anymore

i’m happy

but i did miss him alot

L.A kept saying she would be HIM for the day

which made me laugh

but didnt make a difference

we had to write another letter

that we get back next year

i wrote

some day me and him will be together

if we arent already

no matter what he loves me

i have to know that

even if its just as a bestfriend


well i think that was it

i missed him is all i wanted to say about that day

today i got to see him

and like i loved it

i saw him at recess

and he smiled at me while i was walking to my group

and he waved while smiling

i smiled back and waved


that was it for recess

well he came up to me to ask if someone was at school

and i asked him if he was wearing his dogtag

but he wasnt

i didnt slap him

cause he said it was starting to give him a rash and itch

and i didnt want him to be in any sort of pain

he looked like he was crying but he said he was just tired

which was understandable

he also said that he rather have been at my retreat than his cause he found his boring

and mine interesting

when he heard stories

i loved my retreat :)

at lunch time i saw him again

i was playing guitar

secretly singing for him

:( he didnt notice

he asked me if i take requests

but i didnt know how to play the song he asked

i also asked if he was left handed

i keep forgeting

and yeah

he is left handed

that was it for lunch

he spent the whole lunch with C.B cause she is fighting with A.G

and yeah

i didnt like it at all

why does he give her attention so easily

but for me he cant ><”


well that was it

then it was home time

and i saw him as i walked

he said bye to me

and i said it back

and that was it

i didnt see him again

well that was my day

i saw him  after not seeing him yesterday

and it felt good :)


i love him

and i love all my readers

Blogging is the best diary in the world :)