Friday, May 14, 2010

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well today i saw him at recess

we said hi waved

we talked and stuff

and yeah it was good

i watched him play games

and yeah just hung out with him for the majority of recess

then he left his chem textbook unattended

and decided to play a joke on him

i took his book and hid it in A.P the girl’s bag

more about that later

before i went back to my study class cause we had this thing

i was talking to him

about something i heard about him from the retreat

something bout being mean to migrants

he told me what he actually said and stuff like that

we hugged and talked and i stood so close to him

and looked in his eyes

it was the best moment

for now i guess

we both became late for class

so i hugged him bye

and ran to class

we then went to this talk that we had to pay for

about motivation or some shit

he sat diagonally behind me

i heard he talking and shit

it was really funny

i love him :)

then came lunch

he didnt notice his text book was gone until lunch

which he came up to me asking where it was

and i was just laughing saying i didnt have it

and yeah

then i went canteen

and he full went to me saying i know where it is and getting mad

i was laughing

and like then he got more mad

and so i told him where it was

and like he walked away

i then got really upset after that

cause i felt he was really mad at me

cause i took the joke too far

and then after we got back from the canteen

i was just sitting with L.A then A.P the girl

and just started to cry

i full walked away

like to the bathroom

and L.A caught up to me and hugged me

i full went to the bathroom and cried somemore

i was so angry at myself

and hated that i did what i did

the bell rang and then i went out of the toilet and ran to my bag

full snatched it and stormed off to class

at the end of the day A.C the girl told me he saw me when i did that

and like had a face of confusion and concern

but more on that later

i went to my class

but we werent in yet so i just sat crying

L.A came up to me and asked me if i wanted her to talk to him

and i said dont it’ll only make it worse

this other girl then asked me  what is wrong

she has a locker near mine so yeah

i then went into class

and the other girl comes in and asks if it was him

and like i said no

and she was like, nah L.A told her

and in my head i was like WTF

then she hugged me and walked off

i wanted to keep crying but like i didnt want to make a scene

class then ended and i walked to my next class

L.A went up to me asking if i felt better

i didnt really

and told her not to talk to him about it

he stood at my next class’s door

it would of been nice if it was to check up on me

even though that sounds selfish

but obviously he wasnt there for me

he was talking to this chick i had class with

i full just wanted to get to class

so i stormed past him

and sat in the class

i saw him and L.A talking

and i was like i told her to say anything

she then came into the class

and told me he is asking why i am mad or upset

and asked if it was about him

she said no to him

which is good i guess

but maybe he thinks its because at the end of lunch

when i stormed off he was flirting with C.B

i started to cry again

and she then said i should talk to him

but he already went to class

i was just really upset

and like didnt want to talk in class

at the end of the class

which was the end of the day

i received a message from L.A saying that he wasnt mad and stuff

which meant she talked to him

even though i didnt want her to

it didnt make me feel better

i was so mad at myself

i then was walking out of the school with A.C the girl

and like realised that him was still in class

cause i saw his back

i walked in to hug him

but he wasnt there so i just went home ( actually to A.C the girl’s house)

when i eventually got home from A.C’s

i called him

but he wasnt home yet

his mum got my number off me

and said he’ll call me back

i hope he does

i need to talk to him

that was my day

terrible :(

i love him <3333

Ask me anything, i know you wanna