Monday, May 17, 2010

School day

SOOO today was interesting

well not really

i told A.P the girl to tell him

that i needed to talk to him

after tutor he came to me

i dragged him away from like his friends

i asked in a whisper

“did you tell your brother i like you”

and he gave me a look

like saying OH SHIT she knows

and i asked again

and he said yeah

i then asked why

and he said cause it is his brother

and said that i tell my sister

and i was like but its my secret so i can tell who ever

and yeah

then he said

why does it matter

like who knows i like him

i just said idk

i just gave him a hug

and went off to class

we were all good anyways

i just needed to clarify it

well after that i didnt talk to him until lunch

he came up to me

and i gave him a hug

and started saying how i was worried bout my sister

and like he promised me

everything will be okay

that whatever it is

it’ll be fine

and that was it

when the bell rang

i went up to him gave him a hug

and went to class

that was my day

not very interesting

but what can i say

i can be pretty average LOL

Little Sister’s Surprise Party

Well yesterday was my sister’s birthday

and we threw her a HUGE surprise party it was great

out of year 12, Him, L.A & A.P the guy came

i spent most of the day with him

i was like talking to L.A and then he enters the house

i full get up from my seat and run to him

and give him a big hug because of what happened on friday

he then sat down with us and like we were all casual

like talking as if nothing happened

i had a lot to do so i was running around alot

trying to set up stuff

i then got some time to sit

i sat next to him

and he asked how i was

and i said i was fine

i knew he was looking at me in the way

asking how i was from the day before

i eventually had to get up again

and organise guitar hero and stuff

but there was SOOOO many balloons


so i got Him to help me move some to the other room

i was soo stressed out

i then set up the guitar hero

and got to sit down again

he was sitting behind L.A

and as people were playing he said to me

“i’m so sorry about yesterday”

i then said sorry

and we full just started , kinda arguing and like talking about the whole thing

i told him how i was sad

how i knew i over reacted

i told him how shit i felt

how L.A told me i had to talk to him

ALL of it

i told him

and he spoke back saying sorry

how my feelings are more important than his own

which is sweet

but like unfair

and shit we just kept kinda arguing about it

but eventually stopped

i hugged him a lot in this conversation

i leaned on him and hugged him

one time his stiff hair stabbed my eye LOL

i had to do other stuff

sooo gay i reckon

he told me i was doing a good job

that everything will be fine

i hugged him lots more

then i went outside cause i needed phone reception

cause my sister or something was gonna call me

then i was just talking with  him and L.A

about random shizzz

it was funny

cause we were talking about the surprise

and like where is everyone hiding

and iw as like to Him

you’re gonna hide behind the fence

and not come out LOL

i also kept making fun of his pants

cause i dont like them

i told him they dont count as clothing

just fabric LOL

then i was told to go inside cause my sister was near

well i was inside with L.A

we were at the front for the best view

she was taking pics

i was video recording

which was a fail btw


i was getting full stressed

but in the end

when my sister entered

and everyone yelled surprise

it was the BEST

she deserved it

after that it was cake cutting time

she blew out the candles

and she cut the cake

she said a speech too

and then everyone headed to the food to eat LOL

i went to give my sister a hug

and then went to Him to give him a hug

i was full calm now

he was full like to me

its over now

you did a great job

and everything worked out LOL

then i told him he could eat LOL

and he got excited

i wanted to eat to

so i pushed in line

it was funny

who cares i had rights

i then went into the living room

where me, L.A and Him ate

i told him to sit next to me

which he did :P

we then just talked

and i was like to him

you have to meet my cousin yeah

and he was like why

and i was like cause you’re my bestfriend

and he was like oh okay


A.P the guy then rocked up

and like me and Him full ran to A.P to give him a hug


then we sat down again

and i got my cousin

i then introed her to my friends

full telling her to read my blog about my bestfriend LOL


she then sat with us for a while

then i went around taking photos of all of my sisters friends

some with my sister

some without

the boys went outside the back

so i then hung with them there

it was so cold

he offered me his jacket

but i told him i didnt want him to get sick

L.A ws taking lots of photos

i was hugging him and looking up at him

gaaaa i love him

i was then going around taking more photos

leaving them outside

i was so busy taking photos

i didnt know where he went

i found out they were outside

so i then gave the camera to L.A to fix

and went out

A.P  and him were talking

and when i came out they let me sit in between them

it was so cold

i clinged onto him

A.P went on the phone to his girlfriend

L.A eventually came out

and yeah we started talking and shizz

we talked about heaps of stuff


i full i was leaning on him

and like had my arm wrapped around his

then it fell silent

his arm leaned on my leg

and my arm still wrapped around it

and i said to him

are you wearing your necklace

as i checked for myself

and he was like no

and i was like at least wear it on occasion

and then he told me the truth of what happened

he told me how he lost the connector bit of it

that puts the whole thing together


it annoyed me a bit

but i told him i’d get him a new one but like

he told me not to

we were full arguing about it

how he lied to me kinda about why he doesnt wear it

and L.A was just there listenning

we then stopped

in case one of us got mad

and like i leaned on him again

he was actually keeping me warm

then L.A wanted to take photos

she took some of me and him

and i took some of her and him

it was cool

i was then like to him

can you give me a piggy back ride

and he was like Alright

it was such a fail though

cause my dress kept going up :P

so yeah

then i tried carrying L.A

but like i couldnt

then he carried me ><”

my dress went up so he put me down LOL

it was fun though

we then went to sit back down

and like started talking again

L.A asked him if he ever had a girlfriend

and he just kept saying how he doesnt want one yet

which i guess put me down abit

then there was something lingering in my mind

A.P was off the phone so he joined us

i was like to him in a whisper

i need to tell you something

and he was like what

and like i told him how i wasnt sure if it was true or not

and yeah

cause this girl told me

who i used to be friends with

A.P and L.A were listening and wanted to be apart of it

i was so embarrassed

but ended up saying it anyways

turns out it was true

but i’m not gonna say what it was

i was a bit sad after that

Him’s bro then came outside

and was like annoying Him

he wanted to throw pebbles at him

but i told him not to

and he listened

and his bro said to him whipped

and so he got up and attacked him

idk why Him was so defensive

he then sat down again

some times my arm was wrapped around his

and sometimes his arm was around my shoulder

and i was leaning on him



i have no FUCKING idea half the stuff i wrote

and now i am so fucking pissed

if you read the past one


but half is gone now

and i’m so damn annoyed

i can’t rewrite it

fucking should of wrote the original



hopefully i’ll always remember that night

it was one of the best nights of my life

and all of a sudden my memories on here ARE GONE

well i’ll try and rewrite a bit

well …..


he actually did keep me warm

then him and A.P went for a walk

and so my and L.A talked

i sai how i was waiting

how Him didnt want a girlfriend right now

and how hurt i was cause of my ex

and i didnt want to get hurt again

she then told me how she felt about someone

and i said i felt about someone



i can’t be bothered fucking writing this shit again

my memories will always be with me

how he stayed back just a little longer to say a proper goodbye

and a hug that lasted longer than usual

how he asks me how i am every 5 seconds

him putting his arm around me

how he listens to me

how he kept me warm

how he told me

“going out with someone is just words”

which is true but i never thought of it until he said it

how i talked to L.A bout my jealousy issues

when he was out of the room

how my sister brought up the fact that i told her

he was smart and that he wants to go to the moon

how he made me laugh

how he made me smile

how i had my arm wrapped around his

and L.A said we were love birds

and so i quickly unclinged

how he laughed

how he made sure i was happy

that i wouldnt get sick

how i would look in his eyes

and just feel like it was meant to be

how i thanked him for coming to the party

and for staying so late

and how he replied by saying how he thought i wanted him to go home

and i told him i didnt want him to go

i hugged him 2 times cause i didnt want him to leave

how i just love him more now

how time just flew

and everyone was gone

and we didnt even notice

how i played with his hands when we were outside

and how i played with his hair when we were inside

how he proved to me he does have a hear t

and how he does care how i feel

hows he’s honest

and kind

and nice

i’m sure there is more

but of course i cant think of it on the spot

and i’m sorry most of it got deleted

i’m majorly pissed about it

i’m sorry this wasnt in as good of detail as the last

but i just tried to make it simplier

if i think of more stuff that happened that got deleted i’ll write it again tomorrow

so fucking pissed

well i remember at the end i wrote how my ssiter said his brother came up to her and asked if i liked…. and then he said that his bro told him

and like now i want to speak to ….

to like clarify it

well i will tomorrow

i hope tomorrow is never forgotten

i hope i cherish and remember every bit of it

for the rest of my life

i love him

very very very much


Again i am FUCKING sorry that my blog got deleted

they should keep a back up

i dont save my blogs

which is stupid i guess

but so what


i better go to bed

<333 him

and love all of you