Tuesday, May 18, 2010


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A Rainy Day

i didnt see him until recess

but guess you could say i didnt really talk to him

only towards the end

when i went up to him and A.S

and he said to me

“she called me a stupid head”

and i was like

“he’s not stupid, he’s smart

and i played with his hair

and hugged him

i was standing on a kinda brick wall seat

so i was taller than him

i then dropped down

and A.S asked me

“who do you like better, me or him”

and i was like :S

i’m not gonna answer that

and yeah LOL

he was like, the obvious answer is me

but you shouldnt say that to her LOL

so i just said i’m going to class

and walked off LOL

the next time i saw him

was at lunch time

which was funny

my whole group went to go to the careers adviser

and so i was left alone

i went up to like A.C the girls group

then L.A comes up to me

and we then go to like him and stuff

i just remember saying bitch alot and hahahah

i was so hyper that lunch

A.S tried again to get me to choose between her and him

and i still didnt


i was majorly high

i remember him locking A.P the guy in the cupboard next to my class room LOL

and a teacher passed by and started to question us

but he then went away and we let A.P out LOL

i gave some of my lunch to him

cause i like sharing with him


lunch was like really hectic LOL

cause i was high

and like very jumpy

and happy

then L.A was like to me

what did he do to make you so happy

so she went up to him

and he was like she’s so happy

i snuck drugs in her LOL

i was like he put it in my food

he was like AGAIN


i then went to class

cause i was about to be late

he then came into the class and sat down

not near where i sit

i was like

man go back to chem LOL

sir was laughing

and asking since when did he join this class

and then this girl he just started being friends with walked in

and idk what happenned i didnt look

but i’m guessing they hugged or something

and then he left

and sir was like

OH he only came for that

and started teasing the girl

and she just kept saying how she has a boy friend and stuff

GRRRRR jealousy is a bitch

and then the bell rang

i went out of class

and saw him

i ran to him

and asked him to walk with me to the station

but he wanted to catch bus

then he ran so he wouldnt miss it

and yeah

then i was full cut he dogged me

he asked me to catch bus

but i needed to walk

i was full just holding on to the strap of his bag

until he ran off

E.M then walked with me

and she made me realise

that me and him are more better

when like we’re either on the phone, on msn, alone or at my house

not really in public

like around other people

and like idk why

i guess cause people think we’re dating or something


but like we were better when others werent around

like who didnt know i liked him

i then got off the bus at the shops

and saw M.C

and she told me she saw the pics from my sister’s party

and like how they were cute and stuff :)

she then asked me what we were now

and i was like

“still bestfriends”

and she was like STILL

and like i told her how he didnt want a girlfriend till after school or something

and yeah

i guess im still cut about not actually being with him

but whatever

i get so jealous when he is more comfortable spending time with other girls

but with me

its like different

like its better when no-one is around

M.C then went home

and i went home too

and that was my day :)

i was happy today


thanks to him

my bestfriend

my life

<333 HIM