Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ask me anything

Dedicated to HIM

If you were a star
That wasn't expected back
In the universe
For a thousand years
I'd wait

If you were the sky
And everyone went inside
When you got sad
And started to rain
I'd stay

And if you were a peach
And the world decided
To get rid of all peaches
I'd pick you up
Put you in my pocket
And keep you



After giving up yesterday
and then sleeping it off
i really just wanted to get to school
so i could see him
to talk to him
to say i'm sorry
to hug him
to show him i love him
to show we're still bestfriends
i saw him at lunch time
like i was heading to the locker
and then i stopped cause i was talking to K.C and L.A
then he rocked up
and said my name
i full just turned and hugged him
i was talking to him very softly
saying sorry and everything
and i hugged him like 50 times lol
and said sorry each time
he was like dw you dont need to hug me to say sorry lalala
hahahah it was good
we worked it out
and like
yeah it was great
i am happy again
i try not to be so jealous anymore
like after venting to my little sister all last night
like i am more better
like i had time to think about it
i knew i was wrong
i said i was sorry
he said he was sorry
and we're all good again
i'm happy :)
VERY happy
he went locker with me after that
and then hung out with me for a bit
i talked to him
and stuff
then he went to do some work with this girl i dont really talk to
that was it
i went into class
and didnt see him
i dont see him until tomorrow
but thats all good
i miss him already
well i'll see him tomorrow
i told him to come to my sisters brithday party next friday
i wanna spend time
with him
and he said he'll try
i love him very much
i say i've been in love twice
once with my ex
and the other with HIM