Monday, May 24, 2010

My Brother – Like ?


Monday w/ the bestfriend

today was average

and good

despite my mood swings

due to my time of the month LOL


i saw him after tutor but didnt say anything

cause he was talking to this other girl in year 11

so i just walked past

and then i saw him after period 1

idk why but he was outside my classroom

he was like to me

“dont hug me, i’m sick”

and i’m like idc

and so i hugged him

like twice saying nawwww you’re sick

and i asked him if he was coming on friday

and he said he isnt sure yet

cause he has stuff to do

but i told him to try his very best

so he’s gonna ask his mum

i then went to class

and saw him at recess

hugged him

and then he went to the library

then i saw him at lunch

he talked to me for a bit

i hugged him again

and i tried to get him to eat my chocolate LOL

but it didnt work

i hugged him lots

and like talked to him

while looking up at him

which always makes my heart melt

just looking in his eyes

knowing he’s my bestfriend

i then saw him at the very end of the day

where he was standing at the gate

i walked past

but i was like touching my eye

cause it hurt

cause i just poked myself in the eye

and he asked me what was wrong

and i told him

and he laughed

at me but said he has done it before LOL

man today was pretty average

talking to him

hugging him

and then him hanging with other people

which i’m okay with now

being a better bestfriend

because i love him very much <3