Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I Wanna Say Happy Birthday To The Following

i’m sorry i didnt say it before but here it is;

My Dad

My Little Sister

My Older Sister


My Older Cousin, Ate A.C

My Beautiful Cousin, Bumble Bee

A.P, The Guy


Everyone else whose birthday is in May

Happy Birthday

u hope you will/had a good one :)


Happy Birthday A.P – the guy

I came to school late


i didnt see him till recess

i went to my locker

and on the way back i saw A.P the guy

and i gave him a hug cause it was his birthday

He was with him and i said hi too :)

i then went to buy my ticket for this school thing tomorrow

he is going too

cause he bought his ticket at the same time

i then went back to our spot with him

and i was telling him how i had this thing with L.A yesterday

soo annoying i’m not even gonna say what happened


well i was telling him

he asked questions

and yeah

then A.P the girl was upset

so i comforted her the whole recess

at the end i told him to take care of her cause they have class together

Then at lunch i saw him and he gave me some of his sandwich

which was yummy :)

and then he went off to talk to his other friends

but i got to ask him if he could hang with me tomorrow

like kinda

cause i dont really talk with his friends

but i might end up just staying with A.C the girl :)

well that was the last i saw him

Oh yeah he said yes to that question LOL

well i saw him walking to the shops

but when i got there he was gone :(

well i can see him tomorrow

day time at least

before my excursion :)

<3 i love him very much