Thursday, May 27, 2010


i actually came to school late today ><"
anyways i didnt spend a lot of time with him today
just a bit
which was during the break
and we only had one cause its thursday
i was hi fiving my friend
and he saw me
smiled and waved
and i smiled and waved back
lol and i was like nawww no hug
and he gave me that look saying
"alright :P"
and walked up to me
opened his arms and hugged me
i asked him if we was coming tomorrow
and he said he wasnt sure
hopefully he does
i want him to
i just realised his has debating ><"
i'll ask him tomorrow
grrrr i bet he'll say no
well then i went up to him again at the end of lunch
i told A.P the guy that he went home before me
and like yeah hahahah i laughed
A.P hit him
like in a friendly way
and he like my mummy was there LOL
i found it cute
then i started telling him how i was pissed at my sister
and stuff
and the we went to class
i saw him at the end of the day
like at the gate but i just walked passed
he didnt wave at me
so i dont wave LOL
idk if thats a laughing moment or what
well i walked with E.M
and then when i was waiting for my bus i saw him with his boys
and like yeah sad he wasnt catching bus :(
i went home
and yeah just hope the best for tomorrow now
RANDOM FACT: yesterday i was like telling him how his friend got me into korean music and he told me he likes korean music too and stuff LOL

well also today i was thinking of talking to B.R
and like making a bit of piece with her
even if i dont like her
just for him
but i didnt end up doing it
but like i'm think if i should
idk i'll let you know
thats all about today
i miss him already
dont ask me why
i love him very muchb

State Of Origin

It was so awesome last night
even though our team lost
i got to spend it with him
after not spending the day with him
when i got to the school i hung out with A.P the guy
as we began to head in to watch the game
HE turned up
before hand me and A.P were sure he wasnt coming
i full went up to him and hugged him
we then went in
idk but i really didnt want to sit near B.R
so me and A.P sat way
for a little bit it was just use and M.C
but then he came and joined us
i asked him if he missed me yesterday
and he was like yes and nodded his head
he came and went a lot
which was understandable
the game hadnt even started and i already was feeling good
he sat we us every now and again
once was with a drink and he let me have some :)
i lipped it
i started saying how i dont like sport
and he agreed with me
and we hi fived
i then went to the bathroom with M.C
and A.P the guy (btw he was the only A.P there)
walked in with us
but HE was too scared to follow too
A.P then left and so me and M.C finished up
as we went back we saw the boys talking to a teacher
i started talking to the teacher about something
and when i was done i noticed the boys were gone
they then appeared, we went in and started watching
HE explained the game to me cause i didnt get it
we talked more
and always ended up talking about shoes
before i knew it, it was half time
we then all walked out
i was with some of the girls taking pics until he called me to come to A.P's party
i went and then i told him how i felt out of place cause i wasnt in that group
he told me not to worry
that i was there for A.P
A.P cut the cake
and HE gave me offered me some of his cake
and so i ate some
i asked him if i could touch the spoon
like actually put it in my mouth
even though me and him share lots of stuff LOL
he was like YEAH i dont have problems with getting germs :P
and so i ate a bit
and gave it back to him
and as a joke i told him
that i gave him Chlamydia
cause like he doesnt care if we share shizz
he was like OH well
and then i started saying to these people at the party
i gave him Chlamydia
and people just looked at me weird
and i was full like
ewwww not in that way LOL
and we laughted
we then walked out and went back into the room to get seated again
we sat and like talked a lot
i love looking in his eyes
we talked , we sat in silence
we looked at each other
we smiled
he let me wear his jacket :)
cause he felt hot and i was cold
he sat upside down for a bit
and got dizzy and sick
i got concerned
and he got up and sat next to me
it was good
we talked some more
yes there was a lot of talking
we were talking about something immature
and i was like see what you did to me
and he was like
i think i'm a bad influence to you
and i was like siff
if anything its good
he just gave me a strange face
and i looked at him and smiled
and gave him a tiny hug
i then played with his itouch :)
i played with his hair
his bracelet too
but not at the same time
i asked him about his necklace
and he said how he didnt want to lose it
and he asked me if i was wearing the ring
and i was
but he promised me that he will tell me if her ever loses the necklace
i love sitting with him
just talking
looking in my eyes
and me at his
having fun
the game was then over
and we all walked and waited outside
me with the boys
we talked and then A.P left
and told him to take care of me
and i talked to him for a bit
and then he eventually went
no hug
but i guess it would be embarrassing
i could tell he was thinking about it
before he left
gosh he was embarrassed when A.P told him to take care of me :S
idk why
there was too many people i guess
teachers and his MUM
and i went home
the best day with him
well not as great as my sisters party but still as good
sorry this was like out of order
i cant really write everything
cause i can't think on the spot
but yeah
these are the main points
everything i do with him i remember
there most likely stuff i left out
but i'm sure i still remember them
i love him very much
some day we'll be together <3