Friday, May 28, 2010


well i came to school on time lol

but i didnt see him until recess

First i saw A.P the guy

he was sad cause he just broke up with his girlfriend

well i was hugging A.P to comfort him

HIM saw me and smiled and waved

i did the same back

and then i saw A.P the guy go up to him

then i went up to HIM and like talking and stuff

i hugged HIM :)

everything i said today sounded wrong

like we were talking to A.P  the guy

and i was like

“if you ever need anything, just call me, you have my number”

HIM thought i meant it in a wrong way

and like i was full like

not in that way

hahahah then i said

“ i mean i’ll get my ninjas on top of this”

LOL and i was like NOT IN THAT WAY


i said some other dirty shit but that was the main shizz

well we continued talking for the whole recess

and HE kept saying how he didnt want a girlfriend cause of all this drama

and because most girls are clingy

and it made me sad :(

cause i wanna be with HIM

well then the bell rang

and A.P the guy walked off somewhere

and so it was just me and HIM

and like we talked a bit

and then he said bye to me by giving me a hug

and as i was walking away

me and Him started talking to A.C the guy

so funny LOL

anyways then i went to class

i didnt see him until lunch

but that was for like a second

i saw him

and he was like sad how someone took down all his cans :(

and i was like :O:O:O:O

but he then got over it

he then told me how he’s going Queensland in the holidays

for 4 days

and i told him to get me present

and that was it

i  went to my next classes

i saw him as i walked to ancient history

he walked into my class

cause yeah he knows my teacher

then the teacher left for a min and he wrote something GAY on the bored

and then people walked in

and i was like

thats why people think you’re gay

i full jumped on him

then he left the class

and i said bye :)

i saw him then at the end of the day

i hugged him as i exited the gate

i waited ages for the hug

i felt like i forced it

then i walked to the station

and then A.P the guy came up to me

and we talked a bit cause he was sad

then the rest of the boys came

we then all went on the bus

and i talked to A.P and Him

it was cool

i had such a dirty mind

i kept like trying to make an eye with my bag

but it ended up looking like a @$!%@$^@%#!@

yeah not gonna write that word LOL

well i was full like to A.P the guy

thats why he’s my bestfriend

cause of his retarded and and dirty mindedness

i full got this all off him LOL

he tried reading me

he knows when i lie

and shizz

but there is one thing i wont tell him even if i wanted to

and that something about M.C cause she is like a sister and she trusts me

anyways he eventually got off the bus

and i miss him already ><”

well i miss him very much

and might go to this rocket launch tomorrow

since he couldnt go to my sisters party

i wanna be right next to him

right now

i miss him lots

and love him even more

<33 I LOVE YOU for your retardedness