Monday, May 31, 2010


well another school day
and guess what ><"
i was late again
well almost the bell rang and i ran to tutor
and i just made it and told sir to mark me off
as i went out of class
i saw him
and hugged him
and like told him
he should of come on friday
i was full crying on friday cause i was scared of the cops that came
><" needed him to comfort me
well then i was about to tell him what happened
i told him a bit and then told him i'd see him at recess
i then hugged him and walked to class
i had english
which went by pretty fast
and then i had ancient
and i was talking to A.C the girl
and i told her
how i love HIM very much
but i'm not gonna pursue being with him
AS MUCH as i did
like with the jealousy and stuff
i still wanna be with him
but right now i just wanna be a good bestfriend
and like thats all that matters
i love him
and if we get together thats great
but if we dont
i might meet someone else
and i'll still be happy
she is very happy and proud of me
i like feel so happy
i was joyful all day :)
idk he makes me happy
even by just being my friend
i love him very much
it was then recess
and i went out of class and saw him
i started to tell him again about my sister's party
and like told him
how i got sad and stuff
and yeah everything
and yeah
i hugged him again
and got pulled away by L.A cause she wanted to talk to me
i then went to cafs
after recess
and like i saw him heading to class
and he was like late already
and i was talking to him
making him more late LOL
cause i'm mean like that
then i went to cafs
then i saw him at lunch
for a bit
when he was with A.P the guy
also when i was talking to this other group
he came up to me and told me how he was 69th
and i found it so funny
cause he is dirty minded
Also A.P the guy told him how i was being dirty minded on the weekend
and like HIM was like laughing at me
and i was like i blame you
LOL and yeah
it was alright
i was going around asking everyone if i should make up with B.R for HIM
cause i didnt want to really
so i didnt end up doing it
well at the end of lunch A.S gave me his Itouch
and i full played and joke and full ran with it
and had it for the last period LOL
me and K.C were just running to class
it was soo funny
well then at the end of class
i tried figuring out his passcode
i tried 3 times
but it was always wrong
i was like to K.C faaaa he told me but i cant remember
i then saw him on my way out of the school
and i called his name
and he came to me
and i gave his itouch back LOL
and he told me how he was looking for me LOL
he told me how he would of got mad if i didnt give it back
and i was like of course i would
cause i'm not mean like that LOL
he then walked with me to the station
talking about random shizz
and then him and his boys went a separate way
so i said bye
and hugged him :)
and that was the end of my day