Friday, June 4, 2010


a lovely school day
even with raining killing everyone's mood
i had a good day
i saw him at recess
i went to my group
and he said "Hi Louise"
and waved at me with a big smile on my face
i went up to him and hugged him hello
and then i hi fived him like always
we then started talking about how my bro's friends are coming over
maybe tomorrow
to have a games day
unless they were joking lol
well then he brought up big bang theory
and i didnt get what he was saying
so i just started laughing
then A.P the guy came up
and like tried saying sorry and hugging me
cause i'm currently not talking to him cause of yesterday
he didnt tell me he was back with his girlfriend
and i dont think i can take his shit anymore
and so yeah
theres more to the story but i cbf explaining
but yeah he was chasing me
and i like ran behind HIM
and and like tried hiding
but then A.P the guy hugged me
and i was like
and yeah
i havent talked to him since
at lunch HIM was talking to my sister
and yeah i could hear him
but after recess i didnt talk to him
at the end of the day
as i was exiting the school
he was at the gate
i said bye
and hugged him
and told him to have a good weekend
and he said bye too
idk if he heard about me and A.P
and i guess he wouldnt be mad at me for that
cause he wouldnt
like i'm his other bestfriend
so he cant take a side
well then i caught bus
which stops at the station
and he was like at the bus bay
but didnt get on the bus
cause i guess it was too full
and so he waited for the next bus with his boys :)
i love him very much
and i hope we stay bestfriends forever
and i hope noting will tear us apart
i cant live without him
and i dont want to
i miss him already :(
i love him <33333333333