Sunday, June 6, 2010

(8) i can't get NO satisfaction

i was in a mood where i just wanted to spend the day with him
i called his home phone like A BILLION times
but he never answered
i asked around to find out where he was
and i started getting sad
i had been sad for most of the day
because of like A.P the guy
and cause of my mum and older sister
for a moment
i just wanted to run away
i needed to talk to him
i needed him
i started talking to this close friend of mine and his
L.N, idk if i already called someone L.N
but oh well
i'll figure that out later
well i started talking to him
about HIM
and like yeah
then i noticed that He was online
so i started talking to him
and like telling him
how i needed to talk to him and stuff
i first asked if he could come over
but he couldnt cause of his assignment
so we just talked online
i didnt have time to tell him everything
but i told him about A.P the guy
and he told me all this stuff that made sense
but some i knew he didnt get the point why i was mad
but anyways
then he signed off
which happens alot with him
and i got sad
i basically spent the night with the fam
and my bro's friends
it was alright
i was happy for a bit
i am kinda happy
but i'm not completely satisfied with life anymore :(
i'm mixed emotions
i'm just glad
its not about him that i'm sad about
with him
i love him very much