Tuesday, June 8, 2010

2 days

Yesterday i forgot to write
sorry :(
but not much happenned anyways
well from what i can remember
i came late to school
so i didnt see him until the beginning of period 2
he was heading to english
and i was heading to Cafs
i went up to him
and hugged him
told him how i was late
and he just kept laughing at me
we talked a bit more
then told him how i've become so close with L.N
and yeah
then he went to class
and i went to class
as we were both becoming late
well i didnt talk to him until like lunch
only for a bit though
cause he asked me about my math results
then he started holding and playing with this girls hand ><"
but i dont like her anyways

today was a bit different
well not really
we talked at recess
i was talking to my group
and then he comes up to me
and grabs me from behind and say hi
full holding me and shaking me
it was scary but cute at the same time LOL
and he just didnt let go
and so i turned around
and he hugged me again
and i hugged him again after that one
and like asked him why he was so hyper
he didnt know why hahaha but it was cute
so we hugged
then we talked more
and stuff
and he talked with my sister
and i invited him over my house on the weekend
to hang
hopefully he comes
he said he'll try
he wants to
then i didnt see spend time with him
i hi fived him at lunch
a couple of times
the first time i tricked him and moved my hand before he touched it LOL
and the he told me how he made it into this space camp thing
for 5 days in Queensland during the holidays ><"
i'm gonna miss him
but as long as he has fun i guess
that was it
i didnt see him after that
i love him very much