Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Once is all i need

a simple hello, lights up my day
i saw him like throughout the day
but didnt talk to him until the end of period 5
i was heading to english
he was heading to math
we always cross paths
well we talked
i was full like to him
yep dont talk to me all day lol
and then we hugged
we then started talking about other things
and i asked him if he was coming over on saturday
he said he should be able to
and i might go to this rocket launching thing on sunday
then he went to class
but before we separated
we hugged again
then at the end of the day
he was right there in front of me
but i didnt say anything
he didnt say anything
and then we got on our own buses
i love him very much
and like i know we're bestfriends
so just a simple hello makes me happy