Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Simple Hello & Goodbye

well as the title states
i really didnt spend any time with him today
i saw him in the morning
he was with A.C the guy
and i hugged him
he hugged back
and said hello to each other
then went to class
then i didnt see him all day
weird right
i didnt see him until the end of the day
i saw him sitting in the bus bay
i go up to him
hug him
and i tell him i have to meet someone at the shops so i had to go
he asked why
i explained my community service
then we hugged again
and i walked off to the shops
idk if he was sad or something
cause he did seem down when i was talking to him
after schoool
i hope he is okay
i love him very much
he doesnt make things odd
we're bestfriends
i love him with everything