Tuesday, June 22, 2010

NOT too bad

today wasnt too bad
nothing is going wrong this week
only my problem with A.C the girl
we're still working on it though
well the only time i spoke to him
was this morning
i got out of tutor
and saw him standing with these girls
so i go over there
and hug him
i started to talk to him
and tell him how i gave A.P the guy
one more chance
and he was saying how that was good
and yeah
it was quite a brief convo
but it was better than nothing
after that i didnt talk to him
but this morning was casual and very good
like we hugged and talked
then i went to class
no big
i saw him alot
even after school i saw him
walking to the shops
but it didnt bother me as much that i wasnt with him
i love him very much
i love being his bestfriend :)
well yeah thats enough about him
i hung out with A.P the guy a bit at lunch
it was good being friends with him again
but he really is on a thin string LOL
it was good to be normal round him though :)
at the beginning of lunch a saw a funny thing :P
i saw E.M talking to A.C the guy
then A.C the guy calls over HIM
then they start talking
then HIM calls over A.P the guy
i was like wtf
what are they all talking about
cause i never see E.M talk to them LOL
it creeped me out
but was also really funny LOL
nothing else big happened
me and A.C the girl are getting there
it kinda sucks sometimes
its like me and her cant be alone
we need other people around
but we're like taking the whole thing slow
idk if that sounds weird LOL
but she is my sister and i love her
well thats all
no interesting shit LOL
i'll write again tomorrow
unless i'm doing my assignment
but i'll be sure to still like write :)
love you all