Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pretty Ordinary

well today was fine :)
didnt talk to him until like lunch
idk we're in separate groups sometimes
but i am like happy with it all
and yeah
well at lunch i was with E.M
and he sees me, smiles and waves
he then saw E.M and asked her where was she yesterday
idk if i told you but i found out why they were talking
well E.M needs to buy a present for her boyfriend
for their anni
and like she didnt know what to get him
and the guys told her they would go with her
the only problem was that the guys didnt end up going with her
and she went on her own
HE was asking her where she went cause he was waiting for her
but i full laughed and thought maybe he just forgot LOL
than me and E.M hung with A.P the girl
we talked about lots of stuff
and at one point E.M asked us about C.B
and how we thought of her
she mentioned how she is suppposely HIM's "Wife"
or some shit
and then she asked me if it bothered me
of course i said it didnt
but then admitted that it did a lot before
but now not so much
cause its his life
she then asked me if he knew
and i was shocked
cause i obviously did LOL
well we went through that and then it was the end of lunch
i told E.M i hadnt hugged him yet
so she brought me to him
and yeah it was okay
i went up to him to hug him
but it got awkward
and the we talked for a minute
and then he walked off to class
i was kinda cut
but then again i really had no reason to be
well i went to class
and i told L.C the girl about how i was cut
and stuff like that
then that class ended
and i saw him walk out of his class
as i headed to english
walked up to him and gave him a hug
it was better
but still weird
anyways that was it with him
for the day

did you know i have been getting closer to J.M the guy
me and him have been getting close this year
it is really good
he is so great to talk to
and stuff like that lol

well i better be off
i have an assignment to finish LOL
i will write again soon