Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My bestfriend

today was good
besides the coldness ><"
nothing interesting happened today
so i'll just talk about him LOL
well the first time i saw him was at recess
i was walking to my group
and he was walking back to the others in our sector
and we saw each other so he stopped
and we hugged
he asked how i was
and i think i never answered lol
or i might of said i was good
we then hugged again
and asked him if he was busy this weekend
cause i know that hes leaving for queensland next monday
and it makes me sad
cause he is gone for a week
so i wanted to do something for him
and thats why i asked him if he was busy
he told me he was
cause he has HEAPS of assignments and stuff
i got sad
and so we hugged
i told him i was gonna miss him
and so we kept hugging
he told me he was only gone for a week
but come on ITS A WEEK
and so we hugged again
we kept hugging
some long ones too
i could feel his head on my shoulder
cause i am so short
i then told him i'd talk to him later
and yeah we went to our groups
the next time i saw him was during the assembly
it was a whole school one
and he was called up for an award for debating
he went up
and i felt proud of him
i was looking at him
and he saw me
so he smiled a big smile
which i always love to see
and so i smiled back and then he went back to his seat
i then saw him at lunch
we hugged again
and i said congrats
and then we talked
i told him how i watched the rest of the season of big bang
and then we talked about how he was leaving
i kept telling him how i'll miss him
we talked about me being a ninja LOL
we talked about him debating
he got asked to rep the school but instead he is going
and we also talked about how to spell his lastname
i found out a way how to remember
and yeah so i told him
then after a while we just stopped talking and went our separate groups
i didnt see him for the rest of the day
but me and my sister talked about him
cause she loves him
like as a brother
like she thinks he's perfect for me
like i do
and yeah
well i thought id see him at the station
but i didnt
he must of went home
well i love him very much
i found it so cute when he smiled at me
it made me smile hard out
i kept saying "he smiled at me" to my friends

Me and J.M the guy hung out bits a pieces today
first it was in the morning like always
we hugged like always LOL
i also said thanks to him for commenting and watching my video
he was the first person
and only person to comment on my cover i made
and it was a sweet one
saying how he was proud of him and stuff
then i saw him before period 3
cause we have class together
we hugged
and talked bout lots of stuff
its so easy to just talk to him
like about anything
he is the best
one of my bestfriends
i love him like a brother
then we hugged and he went off to help set up assembly

i'm lucky to have these guys in my life
one that i love with my heart
as a bestfriend and more
and the other as like a brother
an older brother
even though he is younger than me LOL
i love them very much

gaaaa the term is almost over
i'm gonna miss everyone over the holidays
cause everyone i know is busy :(
i love him very much