Thursday, July 1, 2010


well i didnt talk to him today
after yesterday idk
i'm not being weird around him
we just happened to not have a lot of moments to hang today
he leaves on monday
and it makes me sad
i said bye to him
i walked up to him
i think he though i was sad or mad
and then i hugged him
and he asked whats up
and i just said hi
and bye and asked if he was going school tomorrow
he said he is
and so i said i'll see you tomorrow
and walked to the station with E.M and her boyfriend
i hung with them
and her boyfriend gave me a feed :)
then we walked around a bit
then i went to community service
which was really good
tomorrow is the last day of the term
and my last day with HIM
for the next 2 weeks
so i plan to make it count
i love him very much
and i'm gonna miss him heaps when he's gone

P.S J.M the guy and me hugged
cause i was telling him how i was upset yesterday
he told me if i ever need to talk to him
just to leave him a message
cause he is usually offline
and yesterday i really needed to talk to him
he said sorry and told me to just leave him a message whenever i need to
cause he is usually online
just appearing offline
so we hugged again
he is like an older brother
i love him very much

i love HIM very much
more than anything
i just wish sometimes he was like J.M the guy