Tuesday, July 20, 2010

190710 + 200710

yesterday i saw him in the morning

i ran to him

and we hugged

i asked how was his trip

and told him i missed him

but you know what

i feel like i didnt feel like i did before

i saw him a few times through out the day

at recess and lunch when i was with A.P the guy

and it wasnt too bad

it felt normal

i love him but idk, he’s suppose to be my bestfriend

but since the whole girl thing last term

its been weird

but idk

then at the end of the day

i was talking to M.C and was telling her how i might be over him

and she told me if i was sure

lol i decided to see how things go

cause like if he can lead a complete stranger on for like a year

what would he do if it was me

i dont wanna get hurt

i still love him

but its different now


i saw him in the morning

but we didnt hug

i got sad for a moment

but moved on from it

he actually said hi to me first

like he said my name :)


i only spoke to him a couple of times

well the only time i could remember was when i was trying to scare A.P the guy

i put my hands over his eyes

which i like do with everyone

and HE was helping me out trying to get him to guess

A.P the guy never got it


A.P the guy felt my ring

when he was trying to guess

and said it out loud

WOW a ring

and i saw HIS face light up when he saw it was the ring he gave me

i wear it all the time

i guess he was surprised i still did

well that was the most significant bit

idk it was just nice

i miss being close to him

far out

i love him


anyways on another note

i have an announcement

i may not be able to write for the next 4 weeks

cause i have to study

for my exams i have in like 2 weeks

my trial exams before the HSC

so yeah

forgive me if i dont get the chance to write

love you all


Last School Holidays

050710, Monday
-Got Gossip Girl Season 3 off A.C the girl today
was suppose to watch with sister but didnt
- Went to the local shops with little sister :)
to buy ingredients for her cupcakes
it was fun going in like every store just to look around
- walked the long way home
walked past his alley way to his street
made me think about him
Today was the day he left to go to Queensland
- Watched little sister bake cupcakes
they were called butterfly cupcakes :)
it was ordinary cupcakes with jam and cream in the middle
the top bits were shaped as a butterfly
- Started converting the GG dvds into mp4 files to put on my computer
- Watched "He's Just Not that Into You" <3
makes me laugh, cry, smile, and frown
its got everything def up there with my tops :)
- Listed Top Movies
1.A Walk To Remember
2.500 Days Of Summer; i just watched this the day before and loved it 
4.He's Just Not That Into You
5.Wizard Of OZ
6.P.S I Love You
7.Definitely, Maybe
8.Time Traveller's Wife
10.Phantom Of The Opera

060710, Tuesday
- Stayed home
i installed stuff on my comp
installed the printer to my laptop
- Watched Gossip Girl Season 2
makes me cry sometimes GRRRR
its wonderful and i love it
but makes me sad :(
some of the stories
i love CHUCK & BLAIR <3
- Started to scan pages of books but then realised i can get most of the pages

online LOL
- had a nice convo with my sisters about stuff from HIMYM and the future and so

then me and my little sister talked about future schools we want to go to
and yeah

070710, Wednesday
- Woken up by older brother
asked to go with him to drop his gf to work and just hang there till she

finishes work
- Got ready,
me, my little sister, my brother and his gf then went to pick up my older sister
from college cause she felt sick
- Stayed 3 hours at the shops where my bros gf works
my older sister complained at the beginning but then enjoyed window shopping
i stayed with my brother looking at jackets and jumpers
he then shouted us all food :)
my little sister then bought food colouring so she can bake again
i also saw D.C there LOL
we then ran to the car so we didnt have to pay for the 3 hours
cause my brother totally forgot LOL
- Spent 1 hour in the car park of a small shopping centre near by
cause my older sister didnt want to go aqua golf
spent the most of it listening to my bros and older sisters text messages being

read by a machine LOL
- Picked up brothers girlfriend from work and went home
- Downloaded some new songs by Auburn
she is awesome
i liked some of the songs
others were out of my interest range LOL
ALL THANKS TO A.C the girl
- Little Sister baked cupcakes again
vanilla and butter or something cupcakes
it had yellow icing :)
-Watched more Gossip Girl
makes my cry :(
but some bits make me happy

080710, Thursday
- Woken up by brother again
told me we were gonna go aqua golf and bowling later tonight
but i had to come drop my mum to the shops busstop
and his girlfriend to the train station
- Started watching Ellen, have already seen the episode
- Went to drop my mum at a bus stop to meet with her friend
- Went to the local shops to buy snacks
it was just like a donut each LOL
- Continued to watch Ellen
Paramore performed :)
(8) The Only Exception
- Went to drop brothers gf at the train station
- Started to watch Oprah
watched the whole epi :)
- Downloaded all the cds of GLEE <3
ever since ive been obsessed with
(8) Total Eclipse Of The Heart
(8) Poker Face
(8) Bad Romance
- Downloaded (8) My Soldier by Aj Rafael
cause i couldnt remember where i put it the first time i downloaded it
later on it found it lol
- Went to pick up little sister from her friends house
- Went to my bro's gfs work and waited for 2 hours
i got a chance to look at books at one the shops :)
- Went Aqua Golf
was suppose to go bowling as well but decided not to cause it cost too much
it was lots of fun anyways :)
its like anger management
hit the ball as hard as you can and try and get it in a hole or just aim far LOL
i did OKAY haha
- Picked up mum at her friends house
was kinda a mission though LOL
we got lost a couple of times haha
- Planned to go drive in cinema on friday w/ rents :)

090710, Friday
- Brother asked my if i was okay being home alone
i said yes
he ended up asking me to go with them
idk why LOL
- Went to pick up little sisters friend
- Dropped them at her other friends house
- WE tried to decide where to go now
decided to go ikea
- Went to krispy Kreme :)
got a donut each again lol
- went to ikea
got $1 hot dogs
2 each and a drink
then walked around ikea
half actually interested in buying
and half just playing around
it was fun
- Got stuck in traffic
- Got home to parents mad that we went out when we planned to go movies
- Decided to still go movies
i fully got lectured
told we shouldnt have went out
or at least have called
and so on
we rushed
getting food and drinks
- Picked up sister and her friend
- Rushed the to drive in place
- Parked the car
we were on time
it was still ads YAY
- Set up our seating
will be better prepared next time
- Watched Toy Story 3
THE best, i loved it
- we deciding weather to watch eclipse and letters to juliet tonight or another

but my sisters friend needed to go home
- Dropped sisters friend home
- Went home and planned next time we're going movies
we planned to go on monday
to watch eclipse and letters to juliet :)
there is movies on the other side my dad wants to watch
not sure how thats gonna work
but they said i can watch eclipse and letters to juliet
- Also told dad what to order from his friend
like what movies cause his friend sells movies :)
- Watched 500 Days Of Summer again <3
i love this movie :)
i love everyone who told me to watch it
- Editing internet stuff

100710, Saturday
- Kinda took care of older sister who was really sick
- Got ready for a party
- Went to my family friends birthday party w/ little sister
my parents already had plans
so they went to another party but said they would come back
like soon, which ended up being like after the whole party
which was kinda boring
but it was okay
i hung with my sister
we just talked a lot
i didnt really play with the baby cause she had little friends too
it was only at the end when no one was there
i played with her
i saw one of my cousins
cause they are family friends too
ate a lot
mainly the cupcakes my little sister baked for the party
we then watched avatar LOL
on a HD tv
FAAAAAA its such clear quality
i literally felt like i could go up to the screen and just touch the people
it looked that real
- Parents came and picked us up
- Went Home

110710, Sunday
- Stayed home
- Helped older brother film some of his video @ a park
- Watched Gossip Girl Season 2 and Finished :)
now i have to watch season 3

120710, Monday
- Stayed home
- Watched Oprah with little sister
ellen was on her show
talking about her life
being gay and stuff
it was alright
i still get a little creeped when talking about homosexuality
but yeah
- Watched little sister bake for my bro and his gf's 16 months
we called it sweet sixteen
- Went shops with my dad
we needed to buy all the things we needed to bring to the drive in cinema
- Bonded with fam
talking about like babies and the future and stuff
- Got ready for movies :)
- Helped pack the car with all the stuff
chairs, table, blankets, food
- Went to Cinema
- Setup food, chairs, table and my spot :)
- Watched Eclipse
it was AWESOME
i loved it
especially the big fight :)
the best
and Jackson Rathbone is SOOOO HOT
i love him
and he speaks more
and has a country accent
and jasper and Alice are so cute
i loved it loved it loved it
- Break :) eat and stretch
- Watched Letters to Juliet
good movie
very sweet
i liked it
it was really cute
- car battery died
we had to get the lady at the front foyer thing to help us
apparently it is common for this to happen
- went home @ like 1am :)
totally worth it had an awesome night :)

130710, Tuesday
- Stayed home
was gonna visit A.P the girl
but ended up not
- Downloaded lots of stuff
and i mean LOTS
1.New Moon: The Score
2.Eclipse Soundtrack
3.Eclipse: The Score
4.Colbie Caillat: Breakthrough
5.Jessica Mauboy: Been Waiting
6.A Rocket To The Moon: Summer 07
7.A Rocket To The Moon: Your Best Idea
8.A Rocket To The Moon: Greetings From...Ep
9.A Rocket To The Moon: On Your Side
10.500 Days Of Summer Soundtrack
- searched around the house for like movies
i am now keeping some in my room for close reach LOL
- Thought about cleaning my room
but end up not LOL
- Watched Dear John with my bro, little sis and bro's gf :)
good movie
shit ending though
- Started watching Gossip Girl Season 3
7 episodes
i love it
- Dad came home with new movies
1.Alice In Wonderland
2.Valentines Day
3.Book Of Eli
4.Hot Tub Time Machine
5.When In Rome
- Watched Alice In wonderland
loved it lots :)
The mad hatter is a cutie :)

140710, Wednesday
- Stayed home
- Started to read again, 'Through The Looking Glass'
- Cleaned the house
- Helped brother with a school thing
- Hung out with little sister downstairs
- Downloaded audiobook of 'Through The Looking glass'
- Started copying the movies
converting them to mp4s to put on my comp
- Watched the first season of 'How I Met Your Mother'

150710, Thursday
- Woke up @ 1:40pm but didnt get out of bed until like almost 4pm
- Craved Puto ><"
- watched tv
nothing interesting was on
- Waited for sister to come downstairs to watch a movie with me
- Watched episodes of 'How I Met Your Mother'
- Watched Valentine's Day
with my brother, his girlfriend and my little sister
it was a good movie
random but touching in a way
- Downloaded Valentine's Day Soundtrack
- Saved images of the movies i love :)
- downloaded the Sweeny Todd soundtrack
- downloaded Juno soundtrack
- downloaded Nick And Norah's Infinite Playlist Soundtrack
- downloaded Juno B-Sides album
- downloaded He's Just Not That Into You soundtrack
- downloaded P.S i love you soundtrack
THIS DAY WAS SHORT, considering the fact i woke up late
160710, Friday
- Woke up at a good time :)
- Mum made me puto, YAY
- Jammed on my guitar for a bit
- Downloaded The Time Traveler's Wife Soundtrack
- Helped bros girlfriend with some school thing
it was difficult for her
but its all good now
- Looked at stuff from tumblr with my little sister
- Watched a bit of Valentine's Day again
- Went with Bro's gf to pick up my brother
- Got shouted Maccas from bro's gf
- Watched Grease
- Folded Clothes
- Cleaned living room
for my bros friends ><"
freaking hell man
- Watched Hairspray
- Downloaded High School Musical 2 soundtrack
- Hung out with big sister for a bit
i gave her all my makeup cause i dont wear makeup
but everyone keeps giving me some for my birthday
- Watched a bit of Robot Chicken
- Left High School Musical 1,2,3 downloads overnight
- Left Hairspray Soundtrack download on over night

170710, Saturday
- Nothing, hung out with sister in my room
trying to fix her comp
- talked to A.P th girl and guy about HIM
- Started english assignment
- Watched Robot Chicken
- downloaded high school musical 1,2,3
then i went to bed
pretty boring

180710, Sunday
- Finished assignment :)
- Hung out with little sister a bit
- Watched tv
- Picked up sister from work

this whole two weeks i just kept thinking
how much i hardly missed him
some moments he didnt even enter my mind
and when he did it wasnt great like it always was
he should be back now from his trip
but idk
i know i miss him cause like he's my bestfriend
but idk
my feelings seemed to fade a bit
idk if i love him anymore
but i know when i see him the feelings will come back
just now
like thinking about him
i feel nothing
like nothing special
also this whole two weeks i have been extremely addicted to going on tumblr
for the quotes and such
idk why LOL
the photos are great and the love quotes :)
i should study
but i choose not to