Sunday, September 5, 2010

Its been a long time

hey everyone,
sorry i havent been writing
and to be honest i might not write again in a while
as i am now studying and getting ready for the big exams
in the time i havent been writing
i guess i have lots to tell you guys
well the first thing i want to mention is that i got offered a traineeship by one of my teachers
i sent in a application and my resume
and then i went to an interview
which i felt went very well
but then today i got a text message saying i didnt get it
which i guess is fine
just means i'm going to college now
and i will def, need to find a job to pay for everything
i decided to also apply for the scholarship
i figured i have nothing to lose
if i get it GREAT
if i dont its no big deal
that all means i got to take a exam during open day
which is in like a couple of weeks
it should be a fine exam
i'm just worried about transport
as i dont know how to get there

what else is there to report ???
ME and HIM are going well
still bestfriends
getting better
we have moments when its not right
but we still say hi and bye
and hug and talk and such
but its different
i still love him heaps
but i gotta move on

i've also joined the formal and graduation committee
its going quite good
i graduate in a couple of weeks
and yeah it is a bit scary
for formal
i'm very excited
but like theres always been this one problem
i wanna ask him to be my so called DATE for formal
i didnt know if i should
so i thought about it ALOT
but i have come to the conclusion that i shouldnt
unless he asks me which i doubt
i will not be going to formal with the guy i love

i dont know if i ever told you how much i hate my mum
well i do
just lately its like everything is about her
which i hate
and she treats me like shit
and yeah
i've went to the counsellor
and yeah talked it through
my sister reckons i should give her a chance
but i dont think so
she hasnt given me a reason too
i just hate my mum
if she wasnt my mum
i wouldnt give a shit

i forgot to mention about this program i heard about at community service
it involves going to america and being a sort of nanny to a family for a year
which i like the thought of
but i talked it over with my dad
and we got into a huge fight
but we fixed it by the end of the day
i decided not to do it
but like at least do it later in life
like after i go college
defer for a year
and go overseas
but i made up the decision that if i should meet someone at college or whatnot
i wont go to america if it will affect it
i know its a long shot
but i like to think i will meet the right guy someday

anywyas thats all i can think of right now
sorry if i dont write in a while
studying is killing me
love you all for the support
and will hopefully write soon
with i hope a positive update
much love guys