Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hey guys

i feel dogs for not blogging lately

i probably wont again for a while

cause i’m starting to study again for my HSC

its been a hectic few weeks

and i’m so happy

well i graduated 2 days ago

it was amazing

this whole week our year had just started getting even more closer

then we had picnic day yesterday

then today i had

- scholarship test

-Application filling out at sams warehouse


- AG’s party

it was a fun party

when i started talking to like people

i actually talked to M.D and B.R

it was wierd of me

but whatever

i also got to spend heaps of time with my man

not even my man LOL

but my lovely bestfriend

i still love him lots

i had a great time tonight

apart from the passing out of my friends

and of my jealousy of this other chick putting her hands all over HIM


Oh and i always want to remember

new name S.B (a guy) was flirting with A.C the girl

it was funny

and cute at the same time


well thats all for now

miss writing to you guys

will hopefully write soon

and make more covers


which i miss

much love people <3

wish me luck in the HSC