Saturday, December 4, 2010

Lets do a fresh update

hey guys its been a while
well lets get right into it
i've finished the HSC
i've graduated
and now i've just had my formal
and it went OFFFFFF
it was incredible
so much happened
i gave out my birthday invites for one
i got to see my man (not really just bestfriend)
in a handsome suit
hahaha he full showed it off
i got to hug him
and tell him i miss him
and i got to hear him say it back
which was a huge highlight
just to be around for a bit was amazing
i still love him so much
with my life
but school is over
and now its time to go out in the world
and see how strong our friendship really is
and to see how strong my love for him is
which brings me to my last and final point of vent
i've been sad lately cause he is being a doosh
and is afraid of committment
i began to get jealous of my friend A.C the girl
in a post i wrote back in june
i wrote about how she had feelings for this guy
and like yeah
guess what guys
he maned up
and now they are taking it slow
they kissed and everything
they had a moment
and now they really like eachother
and its been like what
less then a year ><"
i'm not mad at her
like i'm so happy for her
and if he hurts her
i'ms kill him
you heard me man, i know yoi might read this
lol joke i wouldnt do that
but i will bitch slap you
well back on topic
i'm not mad
i'm just majorly jealous
cause i have like my own guy for more than a year
and we share many of moments that are special
i guess the only difference is
that he is inncapable of liking or loving
so immature
while A.C the girls guy
really can feel that for her
its just not fair i guess i feel
not saying anything bad
just i want what she has
but i want it with the one person i love more than anyone
besides my family :)
i wish he would man up already ><"
me and him are so close
yet we cant even see the finish line of this stupid race we are running
far out
i've been talking a lot with C.P about it
cause she knows how i feel
cause she feels it for this other guy
the only difference again is that the other guy actually likes her
is it just me
and i incapable of love ><"
everyone is finding love but me
i dont want anyone else but him
and i wont be seeing him for a long time
well at least not until my birthday
far out
i miss him already
always and forever
on a happier note;
i am happy for my friend A.C the girl and her new guy who will be nameless LOL
not for long ;)
although they arent officially together
they totally deserve to be
and i am extremely happy for them
hope i find love like yours

20 days till christmas everyone
i'll be making a cover soon
everyone be safe
and i'll blog again soon