Friday, December 10, 2010

It is never ending

its about him but also other things
like i got rejected from this job
which in the end i didnt really want
but needed to money
their evaluation of me is fair but kinda mean
and also the fact that they told me they were gonna hire me
it makes me feel guilty
when i worked hard in their stupid training program
they said they were gonna give me a shot
but one thing i said to one of the workers
and also how i talked to the boss on the phone
when she asked me to come in
i already assumed i didnt get it
so i didnt care anymore
then out of the blue she calls me
and asks me to come in
of course im gonna say "What for?"
i guess i should not have said it that way
but come on i was really mad at them
by that they felt i had an attitude prob ><"
i was already pissed at them
well i officially declared not going back to that place

anyways the second thing
is that HEEEEEEE
asked me if he could bring B.R to my birthday party WTF
he knows how i feel about her
granted i made peace with her
but it doesnt mean i forgive her for everything
she is still a bitch

just the fact that he had to nerve to ask
like i love him
dont get me wrong
but he should know better

all this shit is then piling on top of my already current problems
like about how im feeling lonely
and shit like that

A.C cheered me up yesterday
but its like today
everything came running back
my group is planning a day for us to hang
to cheer me up
so yeah
but for now i vent
there was so much i wanted to say
but no one was online to talk to
until K.C went online
i feel relieved talking to her