Sunday, December 12, 2010


i got a question from someone
who didnt leave a name
it said this;
"how's things between A.c and that guy you havent told us about yet ?"

well first of all
thanks for the question
kinda glad you're interested in them
well here is my answer

things between them as far as i know
are going really well
the guy is being a gentleman
and also treats A.C the girl
the way she should be treated
she is very happy
and it makes me happy to see her that way

i was over her house the other day
and we talked
and then he was online
and she talked to him
it is cute how they talk
and she tells him how much she misses him
i find it really sweet
plus he can be very corny
same goes for her

so to make this post short
they are going really well
and i hope they keep on going well
cause they totally deserve to be together

and thank you again for your lovely question
A.C and her guy would be happy to know that they are being interested in LOL

keep questions coming
i'll be happy to answer them
but please leave your name
so i can give you a shout out :)

much love guys
you guys make me feel a live

all i can say

i miss you so much babe.
I hope you're doing well
and have a great day
everyday we are not together
because everyday im with you
is totally the best days of my life
i love you baby