Wednesday, December 15, 2010


so how is everyone today :)
i'm feeling good
well okay i guess
hanging with my crew and my two little sisters <3
actually i'm currently at A.C the girls house
and felt like writing a post
well how to update ?
well today i got my hsc results
i did pretty well
like mostly band 4s which were almost band 5s
and i got one band 5 for CAFS
which i am proud of

honestly i have been really worried lately
not about him
or A.C
but my family
havent really told anyone
but i tell you guys everything
well there was money difficulties for a while
like we have had so many loans
like seriously
it worries me of course
today we got approved which is good
but my rents have talked bout selling the house and moving and stuff
and it just scares me
cause i dont wanna move
there is so much more to it
but not gonna say too much
my rents had a little fight y-day but its good now

anyways besides that
everything is good :)
and i will update again soon

10 days till christmas
hope everyone is having a great holiday