Thursday, March 31, 2011

Another BAD dream

this dream was really bad
i woke up scared and crying
my family and i were on vacation like always
off somewhere like port macq or hunter valley
and then all of a sudden the house was on fire
the siblings and i were outside
when it began
but my parents were still inside
i remember running to the house
screaming "MAMA!PAPA!"
yes thats what i call them
i was crying
and then my older sister stopped me
and slowly we saw my parents coming out
and together we tried to get as far away from the fire
the rest of the family went
and i was trying to get a way
but i was getting surrounded
my dad reached out a hand to help me
but i couldnt see
i was too scared
and i was just screaming "PAPA! PAPA!"
i was so afraid
i wanted to call my parents up straight away
but i didnt have any credit
hope they come home soon :(

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