Monday, March 28, 2011


i had a weird dream last night
about my ex boyfriend
and in a way it broke my heart
i came early to a party
which i needed to help set up for
there was already heaps of people helping out
i walked towards my guy bestfriend, L.C the guy
but then my ex walks in front of him
and gives me a hug and says hi to me
i'm like shocked
and didnt know what to do
but i know how i felt
i was happy
but kinda sad too
i wanted him back
idk why
then he did all this sweet stuff
and hung with me for a while
as we were setting up
he gave me flowers
and told me he missed me
but then it ended
he stopped and told me
he didnt want to be with me
he didnt want to get back together
i cried
hit him
and idk what happened next
but he was gone
it was like our break up all over again
why was i dreaming about my ex :S
do i miss him ?
i know i do sometimes
but how come it came into my dreams
when i wasnt even thinking about him
it broke my heart all over again
he was one of the greatest things to ever happen to me
and i lost him

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